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week 2 reading overview

Choose from CLASSICAL and/or BIBLICAL units for Weeks 3 and 4. Week 3: Women Saints Week 4: Jewish Fairytales Choose from MIDDLE EASTERN and/or INDIAN units for Weeks 5 and 6. Week 5: Twenty-Two Goblins Week 6: Turkish Folktales and Fairytales Choose from ASIAN and/or AFRICAN units for Weeks 7 and 9. [Week 8 is review week.] Week 7: Japanese Mythology Week 9: China Folktales Choose from NATIVE AMERICAN units for Weeks 10 and 11. Week 10: Inuit Week 11: Cherokee Choose from BRITISH and/or CELTIC units for Weeks 12 and 13. Week 12: Celtic Tales Week 13: Alice in Wonderland Choose from EUROPEAN units for Weeks 14 and 15. Week 14: Italian Week 15: Crane As for my reading interests, I am interested in classic fairytales like Cinderella and such. Another thing I am interested in are the "trippy" elements of Alice in Wonderland. I am thinking I want to do some sort of hybrid fairytale story that incorporate areas from both the classical and more weird sides. Lastly, I love Beo

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